Welcome to Dreamz School !

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think!  – Margaret Mead

It takes a big heart to shape little minds. We at Dreamz playschool have conceptualized this preschool and daycare center with this sole ideal. We are a group of young and dedicated educationists. We are a passionate team that believes that every child is a genius. One just has to have the drive to bring that genius out! We believe in providing education with a difference.

We begin with the premise that play is really the work of childhood. It is a tested fact that it is with this approach that one can tap into true potential of every child. We as a preschool daycare center provide experiential learning that stimulates the overall development of a child.

To provide young kids with a host of opportunities, we have come up with an innovative and unique prospectus with distinct ethos.

Our Ethos:

We worry about what a child would become in the future, but we forget that he/she is somebody today. It is a fact that every child is unique and our prospectus is based upon this fact. Every child has his/her talents and skill sets. Drawing out these core abilities needs patience and perseverance. This is where we excel!

In the early years of childhood, children are both sensitive and highly inquisitive. Learning to walk, talk, and developing a sense of the world and the self is quite a journey. We have devised our programs in such a manner that learning is fun filled and inspiring. We ensure that children enjoy the process of learning.

We Offer:

  • Bud (Play Group).

  • Bloom (Nursery).

  • Blossom (LKG).

  • Blush (UKG) & 

  • Ist to VIIth class.