Preschools and playschools have become essential aspects of children’s education these days. Parents have realized the fact that early childhood education is very important. For this reason, they would do a lot of research to select the best preschool for their children.
Latest researches in neurobiology, behavioral and social sciences have suggested that children who begin their education with a promising start continue to excel in their lives. Giving them positive early life experiences is the key for their future. These positive experiences would lead to proper brain development leading to good cognitive abilities and proper social behavior.
Early childhood development is based upon biology and the experience. It is also dependent on the culture in which the child is reared. However, children are active participants in their own development as they have an innate tendency to explore and learn.
Children have to be nurtured in peaceful environments and they should not be subject to vulnerabilities. This is the cornerstone of early childhood development. From the day they are born, their senses are on an overdrive, and they have exceedingly high comprehension. So, what happens in the early stages of life has a great influence on the later years.
It is with this knowledge that parents have to go about seeking admission in preschools. A proper preschool can have a very positive influence on your child and can secure the future with proper education.
We at Dreamz have come up with programs for young children that are highly scientific. Our programs are divided into five groups – Daycare, Bud (play group), Bloom (nursery), Blossom (LKG), and Blush (UKG). These programs are specially developed keeping in mind the latest developments in early childhood education. We are members of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) USA and we have adopted their methods to suit Indian culture.
We recognize that every child is different and that their learning curves are different. Our approach towards education is to allow the children to explore and learn. Teachers also play a vital role in a child’s development. We make it a point that every teacher is properly trained to deal with young children whose minds are sensitive.
Our teachers put in the extra effort to understand the character of each student. When it comes to classroom management, the teacher plays an active role; however, they do not interrupt children in their play. They are allowed to discover things with play and experience.
It is with these efforts that we give children positive learning experiences and invoke zeal in them to learn more. We also provide parents the facility of online admission for nursery and parents can monitor the daily progress of their children online.
Preschool admission is a vital decision and we at Dreamz totally understand the view point of parents who wish the best for their children. We are a team of dedicated and committed educators who love children. Get your preschool online admission form and rest assured. Dreamz gives your child love and great learning experiences.
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