About Us

We are a team of experienced and young educationists. We have the vision and impetus to elevate the process of early childhood experience. We have come up with the concept of Dreamz after years of research and our association with reputed and prestigious preschools. We aspire to emerge as the best preschool in India with our unique approach and innovative teaching methods.

Our Vision

As a preschool franchise in India, we aspire to inculcate in children both traditional and cultural values along with modern methods of learning. We also want to recognize the potential of the tiny tots and encourage inspirational qualities for a better future.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy stems from the fact that every child is different and unique! It’s our job to bring their genius out.

With a firm and rooted belief that every child has different developmental stages, the learning curve of each child has to be fine tuned and their abilities have to be nurtured in such a way that ultimately they have perfect overall development.  

We respect the individuality of every child and feel it is essential to be aware of the needs of each child and help them make the most of their abilities at every stage. This is the core approach with which we aspire to be the best preschool franchise in India.

Also, children learn best by doing, not by passively accepting other people’s ideas. So, we encourage them to pursue their interests by actions rather than speeches or confined classroom teaching.

Our Mission

To make children learn through action and enjoy the ride thoroughly!

Experiential learning or learning by doing has been proved time and again to be one of the best learning methods. This principle ensures active participation of children in the learning process. It helps increase the interest levels of children, and so there isn’t any fatigue in the learning process. This also assists in the retention of knowledge for longer periods.

We provide a wide variety of materials, experiences, and activities that help children to develop their skills. Our educators are involved with children in their play offering help and extending their learning. In this way, our learning program is based upon play and active exploration.

Children in the age groups of one to five years are most sensitive and this time period is most impactful in shaping the future. It is the age when children can be taught various skills in an innovative and interesting way. Opening them to the wondrous world of experimentation and innovation will lead to superb results and joyful learning.

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide a fully integrated preschool program to foster the child’s overall development i.e. physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. Our Curricular and co-curricular activities shall help the children to fulfill their academic needs and provide them opportunities to become aware of their individual self-worth.

We are committed to respectable parents of our students to nurture their children in proper way. We shall use our expertise to impart best knowledge and cultivate good habits in our students..