Blossom (LKG)

Our Prepper program is especially designed for Pre-Kindergartners to have a positive and innovative introduction to learning. It is a proper platform to prepare them for Kindergarten.

LKG Curriculum:

  • Creative Art.

  • Dramatic play.

  • Music appreciation.

  • Language.

  • Math.

  • Science.

  • Literacy.

In this age, play continues to have a pivotal role for children to learn and master important skills. Children learn from self-directed problem solving and experimentation. Therefore, the Pre upper environment is filled with exciting hands on experiences and opportunities for active exploration allowing for investigation and creativity. Different levels of ability, development, and learning styles are expected, appreciated and taken into consideration while designing activities.

As part of the experiential learning process, materials are given to children to increase their math skills, music and art skills, and their comprehension of shapes and sizes. Teachers act as collaborators more than instructors. They constantly interact with children, ask them questions and invite questions. In this way, children’s intelligence and interactive abilities are enhanced. We at Dreamz have incorporated this system and our teachers willingly support every child. Get play school admission forms now!