Blush (UKG)

During this period, children will continue with the reinforcement of their previous knowledge. At this level of program, children are given basic mathematical concepts of numbers, shapes etc. This level will also include academic learning, writing skills, words, languages etc.

Children are also exposed to concepts of technology, science, music, dance and other arts. Every child is mentored and progress is constantly monitored. Children are also introduced to concepts like geography to get a world view, and understand orientation to space time and person.

Numeracy is also given huge importance at Dreamz. With the help of materials, we introduce the concepts of patterns, shapes, sizes, position, weight, and other principles. This same approach is used to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

All this is done in a friction free environment. We keep in mind that the learning process of every child is different and we support every child to be proficient in all aspects of learning. Dreamz is setting new standards in preschool education with its unique approach and perseverance. Get your preschool online admission forms before admissions close.