Bud (Play Group)

Toddler is a common term for a child between the age of two and three years. During this period, the child learns a great deal about social roles and develops motor skills. As infants grow into toddlers, their world and exploration area becomes vast. Their minds posses some basic knowledge about surroundings and want to explore some new ideas & objects.

They need a safe and ambient environment to explore and learn. Toddlers have an unlimited curiosity to explore their surroundings. Every new experience is a new discovery and this needs to be fun filled. We at Dreamz ensure that such a safe environment is created in every franchise.

In this age, children learn to express themselves and relate in words their wants and needs. For this, we have a specially designed program to ensure understanding of words and use them in the right context. We also encourage them to scribble on paper to initiate the process of writing.

Children also learn to interact with their surroundings and adults. They also show an increased interest to interact with other children. We encourage these interactions to enable proper social and emotional development.

Along with this, physical development, cognitive abilities and creative expressions are encouraged so that toddlers have homogeneous overall development.