Why us

Why Dreamz Play School ?

Education should incorporate the best practices of our heritage with its emphasis on thinking, analyzing, and comprehending the values of our ancestors. We have based our core values on these principles and hence Dreamz – a school with a difference. It’s unique in its character and identity.

Unique features

Our special features :

• Concept-based education.

• Language and vocabulary room.

• Audio visual room.

• Activity room.

• Dreamz bazaar.

• Value education room.

• Dining room.

• Games room.

• Class room.

• Splash pool.

• Kitchen garden.

• Play area, sandpit.

Direct Access system.

The advent of the new technology has redefined the very parameters of the educational process. While recognizing this basic fact, Dreamz has kept the teacher as the pinnacle of the learning process, but with a difference. The teacher is no longer the provider of all knowledge instead he or she will act as a facilitator who, with the help of the new technology, will motivate the students to explore on their own. This is what makes us one of the top 10 preschools in India.

Multiple intelligence approach which includes:

• Creative development.

• Physical development.

• Mathematical development.

• Personal development.

• Social & emotional development.

• Communication, language & literacy.

• Knowledge and understanding of the World.

• Technological development.

Philosophies and Methodologies:

Internationally acclaimed curriculum inspired by philosophies and techniques of great Scholars like:

• Rabindranth Tagore – Literature and Music.

• Swami Vivekananda – Ethical values.

• M.K.Gandhi – Honesty.

• Reggio Emilia – Learning through interaction with others.

• Rudolf Steiner -Learning through colors.

• Glenn Doman – Learning through flash cards.

• John Dewey – Practical method of learning.

• Dr. Howard Gardener – The theory of multiple intelligence.

• Maria Montessori – Concept based education

Online Support System:

Our education system is based upon innovative technology. Every parent can monitor the daily progress of their children on the website. We provide the following benefits to all our franchisees, and clients thereby increasing preschool franchise opportunities:

• Online Support procedure.

• No receipt book required.

• Online accounting solutions.

• Online operational & teacher manuals,

• Online information of every child enrolled with Dreamz.

• online advertising plans.

• Online solutions of your all queries.

Member NAEYC, USA:

We are the proud members of The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) USA!
Founded in 1926, NAEYC is the world’s largest organization working for young children with nearly 100,000 members and growing global alliance of like-minded organizations. NAYEC is dedicated to improve the well being of all young children with particular focus on the quality of educational and development services for all children from birth through increasingly high performing and inclusive organization.